Our Positive Impact

Where are you located?

We are located in Madrid, Spain. Also, all our delightful garments are produced here, locally.

What makes you sustainable and fair? 

We are a triple bottom line business whose main funding reason is not only the economic profit but an environmental and social benefit as well. 


To create our new collections, we do not need any new fibers or fabrics at all. Magic? Not really.

We are upcycling, this means we close the loop in the fashion industry and offset its carbon footprint. For example, extending the life of a garment for only nine more months reduces its carbon, water and waste footprint in 20 - 30%. That is why upcycling and using what is already there is the most sustainable way of consuming.

Moreover, we offer dignifying jobs to the women making your clothes, to help them generate a safe income and live a free life. Our production employs women at risk of social exclusion, ex trafficking victims. 

Read here for further, detailed information.

Where can I get information about your production and working conditions?

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with you.

Therefore, we created a video of how our clothes are made. You can watch it at Instagram.

For further information about our production read here.